Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rosie Perez and Mira Sorvino do the right thing

Last night saw the 20th anniversary of "Do the Right Thing" (1989) in New York. I saw the photos of the cast arriving over at jezebel, and was automatically thrown back to one of my favorite moments of this movie: Rosie Perez dancing to the sound of Public Enemy's "fight the power", alongside the opening credits. That’s such a powerful intro: making the connection between protest and dancing.

I love good dancing scenes in movies, and Spike Lee is consistently one of the best directors of dancing/clubbing scenes. Another favorite of mine is Mira Sorvino dancing with John Leguizamo in "Summer of Sam" (1999). Not only does Mira Sorvino look amazing, and dances beautifully - this scene really shows the conflict between them: a woman who wants to act sexy near her husband, and a husband who cheats on her, and doesn't think it's ok for a wife to be sexy. Here are Sorvino and Leguizamo going at it:

There's also a major clubbing scene in "25th Hour" (2002), where all the main characters get together at a club. I'm sad to say I couldn't find a video of Anna Paquin dancing with Rosario Dawson, but here is a picture. I love how Anna Paquin sweats there. Story of my life.

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