Friday, June 19, 2009

Unemployed, with nothing better to do

Back in 2001, I studied film in Tel Aviv University. At the end of the first year, I applied and got accepted to their scriptwriting program. After the first excitement, I realized this will entail a reality of me reading my writings in front of a class of students. I panicked and immediately switched my BA to film theory, philosophy and literature.

Then about a year ago, I got an idea for a movie. I thought it's a great idea, I knew it's never been done, I knew I wanted to write it, but I was working in a crazy job at the time - so I decided I'd wait for the right moment to sit down and write it.

And now here I am – unemployed, with nothing better to do than write that screenplay. Today there's no classroom of students holding me back. Instead, I find I have much more elusive barriers.

So this is me, my journey of writing my very first screenplay, and the distractions I encounter on the way.

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Anonymous said...

Cannot wait for more. Wonderful blog!